More than 35 years of Experience providing Excellent Craftsmanship and Performance

At Pilini Marine in Clearwater, FL we pride ourselves on manufacturing and repairing boats to a high-quality standard.

With our qualified dealer support we will ensure great memories year after year.

A Customer-Friendly Shop

Apart from our top-quality services, we exhibit a friendly attitude toward our clients. We sincerely appreciate our customers for choosing us to do business with them.

Building Boats Personally for You

The right style of boat for you depends on what you would like to use it if for. We manufacture boats with a personalized touch and custom design to satisfy your needs.


What Sets Us Apart

  1. We are an industry leader known for quality manufacturing catamarans and center console boats.
  2. Our boat designs have reached the highest levels in offshore racing competition as well as industry recognized awards.
  3. All boat are water tested for optimum performance prior to delivery

At Pilini Marine in Clearwater, FL, we are committed to creating fast, safe, and quality high performance boats. If you want a unique design for your recreational boats, we are the right boat manufacturer to visit.

Our Core Value

Our priority is our customers’ overall satisfaction. We care about our clients’ wants and needs. Our owner is also very hands-on in attending to our customers. As a customer-friendly shop, we make sure that our clients become our friends.

Jay Pilini, the Originator

Jay Pilini’s legacy in designing and manufacturing boats continues. He started as a premier boat manufacturer with first Motion Powerboats, then Spectre Powerboats and Spectre Sportfish. For more than 35 years, he is known for his attention to detail and award-winning works.

Using top-quality products, materials, and advanced construction techniques, each recreational boat that Jay Pilini designs is customized for each boat owner. He diligently targets the segment of the recreational powerboat market where quality, performance, aesthetics, safety, and speed are the main criteria for purchase.

World-Class Sports Boats

Jay Pilini is well-known in designing and manufacturing offshore sports boats and sportfishing boats. With his designs and construction techniques, he is able to produce boats with world-class performance while using standard engines. Over the years, Jay Pilini has gained world recognition with an impressive list of credentials. His boats have won numerous races and awards. Some of his achievements include:

  • Multiple APBA Offshore World Championship Winner
  • Multiple Super Boat International Winner
  • Kilo Record Holder for Both APBA and Super Boat International
  • Recipient of four Powerboat Magazine Product Excellence Awards

Innovative Boat Designs

Jay Pilini's designs are constantly evolving. With the use of state-of-the-art construction materials, techniques, and hardware, the company is now at the forefront of the high performance powerboat market.